ReCircle serves as a resource for Recycle Colorado members to easily identify users of raw materials, by-products, finished goods and parts and facilitates reuse and recycling opportunities for those materials. Beyond the individual cost savings, ReCircle supports the development of a circular economy in Colorado that promotes economic development and environmental benefits on a regional scale.

Cost savings

  • Identify low or no-cost materials to substitute for virgin materials.
  • Reduce purchase and disposal costs.
  • Free up storage and inventory space and reduce associated costs.

Local economic development

  • According to Eco-Cycle and COPIRG, nearly $265 million worth of recyclable materials are sent to landfills in Colorado each year. In addition, on average recycling creates 9 times more jobs and reuse creates 30 times more jobs than landfilling does. Not capturing this value is a significant missed economic opportunity. (Link to The State of Recycling in Colorado 2018 Report)

  • Looking for ways to reuse and recycle waste material streams can help existing organizations innovate within their own business model and potentially encourage new businesses to emerge.

Reduced environmental impact

  • Reduced GHG emissions. There is lower energy consumption associated with reusing or recycling raw materials, by-products, finished goods, and parts compared to utilizing virgin materials.
  • Reduced primary material consumption.
  • Minimize materials sent to landfill.

Corporate responsibility

  • Environmental performance indicators are becoming increasingly important to investors. Building circularity into your business model adds value.

  • If your organization creates waste with potential for reuse, Recycle Colorado is happy to work with you to find solutions.